MD Décor LLC


Pueblo Home and Garden


We are a wholesale import company that has partnerships with key factories throughout Mexico and in Southeast Asia. We work with retailers from all over the United States of America on customizing seasonal and year-round programs offering a wide variety of Pottery Planters and Hanging Décor for the home and garden.

From Mexico we can offer quick turnarounds of product with specialty colors that complement the current seasonal needs and maximize profits for our customers. Our Asian designs offer beautiful glazed high-fired pottery sets from basic looks to Designer Collections at price points to accommodate all budgets.

Pueblo has designed a wide assortment of Mixed Pallet Programs from Mexico and Southeast Asia that can be shipped either direct from the factories to our client’s location via overseas container from Asia, or via trailer from Mexico. Pueblo also offers shipment for certain programs from our distribution center in Chandler, Arizona.

With Pueblo’s large variety of styles, price points and purchasing options available, we can service multi-store operations as well as independent Lawn and Garden Centers around the country!


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